Definition of softness

Lenzing Modal®

Without softness, there is no comfort

The purchasing behavior of fashion-conscious consumers has changed. The look itself is no langer the only priority. The comfort the clothing has to offer now rules the day. Softness is a key parameter for comfortable clothing. So today's textiles have to be soft and supple to be perceived as comfortable.

Measurable softness

Softness is the key to comfortable textiles. And this is something the wearer has to be able to experience, both when deciding to buy a garment and when wearing it. Judging softness is an individual, dynamic process that results from the interplay between textiles and the skin. To depict this complex sensory interaction in an objective way, scientists are working on physical methods to measure softness.

Pure softness

Lenzing is the expert when it comes to softness. With Lenzing Modal®, MicroModal®, and MicroModal® AIR, degrees of softness can be obtained in textiles in a completely natural way. The higher the amount of MicroModal® or MicroModal® AIR in the textile, the softer and cozier it becomes.

Lenzing is redefining softness

Using different test methods, Lenzing has established a new standard whlch redetines softness and shows how textiles with Lenzing Modal® fibers can change their softness degree. The test method combines the well-known ring method with a new technology speclally developed by Lenzing for textiles - the TSA method*:

*Tissue Softness Analyzer

MicroModal® is the winner

Textiles of MicroModal® attain the highest level of softness. Thanks to the low fiber rigidity and fiber cross-section, Lenzing Modal® fibers are natural softeners. In 100% of cases, the fibers develop pure softness and create wonderful textiles with outstanding comfort. They also last longer since textiles made with Lenzing Modal® remain as soft as they were when they were new and do not harden after several washes.**

**Tested Fabric: Single jersey N/50/1, 120 g/m², test method: combination between ring and TSA

MicroModal® demonstrates the highest softness level and remains wonderfully soft even after several washes.
MicroModal® demonstrates the highest softness level and remains wonderfully soft even after several washes.

Tactile softness

Physical measuring methods are one way to determine softness. However, the human hand should serve as the primary method to test softness. And here again, in touch tests MicroModal® was convincing. A panel of 17 textile experts feit MicroModal® and declared it to be the sottest fiber among cotton, viscose, and Lenzing Modal® fibers.***

***Lenzing hand-feel test, November 2015, single Jersey Nm/50/1, 120g/m²