Four Seasons

Four Seasons


TENCEL® - whatever the season

TENCEL®, the fiber from Nature, is used successfully in numerous applications in and around the bed - starting with mattresses and mattress pads through to comforters and bed linens. Used in bed linens, the fiber properties of TENCEL® are shown off to particular advantage. Here the fabric lies directly on the skin and the benefits of TENCEL® can - whether it be spring, summer, autumn or winter - unfold to perfection. Pleasantly cool in summer, comfortably warm in wither, and fitting the sleeping environment as the seasons change - with TENCEL® bed linens, you get that ideal sleep and skin comfort whatever the season and quite naturally!

TENCEL® - all year round

TENCEL® is versatile. The surface of bed linens can vary depending on the season. Different fiber types or production steps are used to achieve this end. Thus we can have silky cool bed linens for the hot season or comfortably warm bed linens for autumn and winter or even bed linens with a cotton touch. So, TENCEL® improves sleep all year round.

The seasonal concept: TENCEL® in the ...

... spring

TENCEL® fulfils many a dream thanks to its perfect moisture management and skin friendliness. In direct contact with the skin, you can enjoy a thoroughly natural sleeping environment with TENCEL® at moderate temperatures.

... summer

The extremely fine fiber TENCEL® MICRO transforms bed linens into pure luxury. To the skin, these light and fine bed linens feel like the purest silk and guarantee a cool night's sleep, even at high temperatures.

... autumn

Anyone who loves the characteristics of conventional bed linens can attain vast improvements, even with a small admixture of TENCEL®. The quality of sleep is optimized and the skin can breathe better. One thing is certain: the higher the amount of TENCEL®, the greater the improvement!

... winter

New developments show that TENCEL® can also be very warm. As the skin sensory test* confirms, comfortably warm bed linens of TENCEL® are possible as a result of emerizing. These bed linens feel almost as warm as the warmest bed linens of cotton flannel. So in the winter too, TENCEL® invites us to get cozy.