Pure Natural Luxury

Luxurious combination

TENCEL®, the lyocell fiber of botanic origin, meets Merino wool. An unusual partnership which opens up new opportunities to both of these partners in the textile world. Both fibers have outstanding properties and complement each other: a combination of performance and luxury - a new standard.

Unlimited applications

The combination of TENCEL® and Merino wool offers new opportunities. On one hand, light luxurious fabrics can be created which are exceedingly fine and smooth but still warm. On the other hand, fabrics that are perfect for sportswear applications are also possible. It stands to reason since TENCEL® and Merino wool offer the very best in moisture management.

The combination of TENCEL® and Merino Wool fibers allows for luxurious fabrics for an intriguing range of applications.
The combination of TENCEL® and Merino Wool fibers allows for luxurious fabrics for an intriguing range of applications.

For the hard-to-please

In combination with Merino wool, TENCEL® stands for luxury. These two noble fibers offer the very best properties for the hard-to-please. Designers searching for the ultimate in luxury use cashmere to make their textiles even cozier.

Luxurious drape

The TENCEL® and Merino Wool fiber combination is redefining textiles. The luxurious drape of the fabrics gives fashion a new emphasis. Soft flowing fabrics with an elegant sheen create new silhouettes and a wearing experience as yet unparalleled.

Noble and soft

TENCEL® is well known for its magnificent softness next to the skin. Thanks to the smooth fiber structure, TENCEL® gives textiles a silky feeling on the skin. In combination with wool, TENCEL® is extremely beneficial. Tests show that in this partnership, TENCEL® introduces a silky smoothness to the textiles. The more TENCEL® there is, the smoother the surface. The smoother the surface, the more pleasant the fabric feels on the skin.


TENCEL® and Merino Wool both are well known for their excellent moisture management. Together they are unbeatable. The rapid moisture management of TENCEL® and Merino Wool’s enormous moisture storage capacity make the combination of fibers very promising, contributing the wearer's well-being. The body cools down more rapidly and the wearer feels fresh and fit.

** Smoothness Analyzer 1/TS750, measured at 750 Hz; knitwear TENCEL® 3dtex/Merino wool 19,5 my