Filtration solutions from nature

TENCEL® brings botanic into filters. The botanic fiber is made from the sustainable raw material wood and is fully biodegradable in soil. The production process itself represents the greatest accomplishment in cellulosic fiber technology due to its eco-friendliness and efficiency. The unique closed loop production process makes TENCEL® the sustainable fiber of the future:

Microfibrills make the difference

The cellulose fiber TENCEL® is available in a range of short cut grades, including different cut lengths and product characteristics - all perfectly adapted for filtration applications. The secret for best filter results is realized when the TENCEL® fiber is fibrillated. The sub-micron diameter fibrils enable high filtration efficiency of even the smallest particles at low pressure drop. Controlling the degree of fibrillation of TENCEL® allows adjustment of media permeability. TENCEL® has a high tenacity profile amongst cellulose fibers and enhances the mechanical properties of filter sheets. At the end of the product lifecycle, the fiber can be disposed without any problems by composting or ash free incineration.

TENCEL® Shortcut
TENCEL® Shortcut

Versatile filter applications

The different fiber types of TENCEL®, including fibrillated and unfibrillated short cut forms, make the fiber ideally suited to many filter applications. TENCEL® filters offer function and sustainability in the food and beverage, as well as in the automotive and industrial filtration sectors.

Safety for food & beverage production

In food and beverage filters, TENCEL® is used in a fibrillated version to guarantee best filtration properties and therefore perfect clarification of beverages whilst retaining color, taste and bouquet. Utmost safety is ensured due to the high purity cellulosic composition of TENCEL® fibers. Incorporation of TENCEL® fibers into the filter media formulation eliminates the requirement for particulate filter aids such as diatomaceous earth (kieselguhr).

Resistant fiber for automotive filters

Durability and performance for automotive filters.
Durability and performance for automotive filters.

Refining the TENCEL® fibers prior to mixing generates sub-micron fibrils that improve the media's mechanical properties and enhance the fine particle filtration characteristics. Glass-free filters may be realized using fibrillated TENCEL® short cut fibers. The cellulosic composition of the fibrils eliminates abrasive particle release from the media, which is an essential requirement for the reliability and extended lifetime of high performance or heavy duty diesel engines.

Proved and certified

Certifications proof the quality
Certifications prove the quality

A number of certificates and awards prove the quality of TENCEL®. The ISEGA-label ensures TENCEL® fibers satisfy the requirements for food contact. The EU awarded the eco-friendly production process with the European Award for the Environment. Wood used for the production of TENCEL® is derived from responsibly managed forests and FSC certification against chain of custody registration (CoC) is available for TENCEL® fibers.