Refibra™ reborn TENCEL® fiber

Refibra™ Reborn TENCEL® fiber

Closing the loop in textiles

Milestone in circular economy

The need for clothing will have doubled by the year 2025. This amount of clothing signals a major burden for our environment. 80% of the clothing we throw away ends up in landfills. An estimated 50 million tons of clothing are thrown away every year.

Refibra™ the solution for circular economy

Refibra™, the new TENCEL® fiber, is made from pulp that contains cotton scraps left over from cutting operations and wood. The fiber is produced in the lyocell production process. Worldwide, Lenzing is the first manufacturer to offer cellulose fibers featuring recycled material on a commercial scale and is a pioneer with this technology. Reducing the need to extract additional raw materials from nature lowers the impact on natural resources. Thus Refibra™ has initiated an important step towards circular economy for textiles.

Next generation

Refibra™ is reinventing TENCEL®. Based on the TENCEL® technology, Refibra™ is an exceptional innovation and quite probably the most sustainable fiber from natural raw materials.

Leading sustainability

Probably the most sustainable fiber in the world
Probably the most sustainable fiber in the world

Refibra™ unites two innovations. This fiber is made based on TENCEL® technology. The TENCEL® fiber won the EU prize for the most eco-friendly production process thanks to its closed loop production of 99.7% and its use of bioenergy. Wood as a renewable raw material from sustainable forest plantations is another important aspect when it comes to the sustainability of TENCEL®. Refibra™ now combines both advantages - the recycling of cotton scraps and the most sustainable of fiber techonolgies.

Transparency with each and every fiber

Transparency across the processing chain.
Transparency across the processing chain.

For customers it is important to know whether the fiber made from recycled material is really in the textiles they have purchased. To assure customers that this is the case, Lenzing has developed a new identification system. The system makes it possible to identify the Refibra™ fiber in the finished textile. This guarantees transparency in the overall processing chain. The Refibra™ fiber itself is part of the global Lenzing Branding Service and the brand is licensed once the textile has undergone the certification process.

Circular economy is the future

The goal is to close the loop.
The goal is to close the loop.

Refibra™ offers the textile industry a solution to introduce circular economy in textile industry. The numbers speak volumes: Every year 80% of the textiles bought end up in landfills. The recycling of cotton waste into a new TENCEL® Refibra™ fiber offers a practical solution to promote circular economy in the clothing industry.

TENCEL® is a registered trademark of Lenzing Aktiengesellschaft.
Refibra™ is a trademark of Lenzing Aktiengesellschaft.